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Beijing Entertainment

Beijing Entertainment

Things to do in Beijing at night

In this modern city, Beijing bars have formed several bar streets, bar areas and bar communities with different sizes. Every night, neon glows in these bars.

Shichahai Bar Street, Nanluogu Lane

Shichahai and Nanluogu Lane are two of the most charming parts in Beijing river systems. Since Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, businessmen, old temples and wine shops were created  a prosperous area.


Sanlitun, located in the embassy area, has become famous among foreigners since the 1990s. It is now a true pronoun of bar street where night life is extended, full of colorful and unique characteristics.

Bar area in the Beijing Workers’ Gymnasium

Nightclubs are gathered in Workers’ Gymnasium with different styles and full of active bars that make people linger and forget to return.

Beijing: Entertainment

In Beijing, you can be busy visiting temple fairs in the first lunar month, going to teahouses during your spare time, listening to Chinese folk art at the spur of moment, spending time in the bar at night and skiing in the winter.

The temple fair was a ceremonious sacrificial rite in ancient times. With the demands of exchange among people, the temple fair gradually merged into market trade while keeping the sacrificial rite. At this time, temple fair was also called “temple market” because it became an important type of market.

Gongs and drums, peddling in Beijing dialects and many snacks are available in the temple fair. The first lunar month is the most intensive period for Beijing to hold a temple fair. From the Spring Festival Eve to February 1st (lunar calendar), Changdian, Dongyue Temple, Baiyun Temple, God of Wealth Temple, Yonghe Lama Temple and Ditan park hold a grand temple fair where there are lively and huge crowds of people attending.

It is sure that the temple fair will be held on normal days in Beijing. It is known for the old Beijing citizens that the temple fair is held for 365 days. Although it is not large-scale like in the spring, it is prosperous, lively and attractive.

Recommended places: dongyue Temple, Baiyun Temple, Yonghe Lama Temple and Ditan park

The Red Theater in Beijing is where you can see world-famous performances of Chinese martial arts or Kungfu. Within 2 hours, you will be fully intoxicated by the fascinating and lively Chinese Kungfu performance. From the state-of-the-art set to the exquisite performance of Kungfu, the show will take your breath away.