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Beijing Cuisine

Beijing is not only a collective place of Chinese gourmet food but a distributing center of gourmet food from all over the world. Thousands of modern and traditional restaurants, as well as shops have aroused many people’s gourmet desires.

In Beijing, there are not only different kinds of local traditional cuisine such as roast duck, instant-boiled meat and snacks but also cuisines that are nationally renowned. These include old royal dishes, homemade dishes, Muslim dishes, plus exotic gourmet food like French style food, American fast food, Japanese cuisine, Korean cuisine, Southeast Asian dishes and Indian food. All these types of cuisine will be sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Beijing cuisine is a first choice when you come travel in Beijing. The cooking method includes “fry, bake, boil, braise, roast, steam, stew and stir” and it taste crispy, fragrant and delicious. There are many delicious Beijing cuisines like Beijing roast duck, boiled mutton, crispy chicken, Saixianggua (materials are pear, cucumber and pastry), Fenghuangfaguo (materials are fish, chicken, vegetable, seafood and egg) Wulongtuzhu (materials are quail egg, and sea cucumber) and mandarin fish, especially Beijing roast duck and instant-boiled mutton known to all. When you come to Beijing, you must taste them.

Beijing Roast Duck

Beijing roast duck is a famous kind of food in Beijing which is known as “Tianxia Meiwei” (delicious food in the world) and famous all over the world for its tender meat, mellow flavor and fat and non-greasy characteristics. The past types of gourmet have many great types including Beijing roast duck which can be classified into four types. First is the type dependent on the season. Winter, spring and autumn can be the best times to eat roast duck. The second is based on the slicing method. Make sure every slice has meat and duck skin that are thin but not too thin. The third type is the condiment. Sweet soybean paste and onion, together with cucumber strips or green turnip strips can make the meal non greasy. Fourth is assistant food. Lotus-leaf-like pancake can be unfolded into two pieces, in which mashed garlic, soy, cucumber strips are spread and ate with roast duck slices.

Recommended places: Quanjude and Da dong  are the most famous two restaurants and the best places to taste Beijing roast duck.

Instant-boiled Mutton

Instant-boiled mutton has had a long history in Beijing. There are two characteristics of this: one is selective materials and thin slices and the other is exquisite condiments and proper mixture. While selecting mutton, first you should select salted mutton which not only has no smell of mutton but has a fat and tender meat. Second, you should select mutton with more lean meat and less fat meat meaning the sheep’s rear leg that will be the best and tenderloin and steak piece. Sauce and condiments can be modulated by your own. There are more than 20 kinds of sauces and condiments listed on the specified table. “Sesame paste” and “Beijing fermented bean curd” are independent condiments which can remove smell of mutton. It is also free for you to choose coriander, chili oil, rice wine and sesame paste. The most important cookers are charcoal and bronze which is deep and open. Charcoals are put inside of this. Instant boiled mutton will be offered when chrysanthemum is yellow and maple leaves are red, it is common seen in restaurants in Beijing.

Recommendation places: Donglaishun restaurant and Nengrenju Restaurant

Donglaishun restaurant: 5F, APM building, NO. 138, Wangfujin Street

Nengrenju restaurant (Qianmen): No. 135, West Street, Qianmen, Xicheng District

Royal Feast of Complete Manchu-Han Courses

It can be divided into six feasts named after famous feasts of Qing Palace. Famous dishes in Manchu and Han ethnic groups are collected. The materials are all selected from sea and land with different kinds. There are 196 dishes with cold, hot and meat types, 124 dishes of desserts and the total number is 320.

Recommended places: Fanshan Restaurant: 1 Wenjin Street, Xicheng District, inside the East door of Beihai Park

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