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Shopping in Beijing

Shopping in Beijing

Beijing was an ancient capital in six dynasties. Commerce always prospered there because of this. Four metropolitan areas, as the centre of Beijing, collect commercial streets, fashionable shopping stores and different kinds of snacks, reflecting an endless shopping charm. In addition, Beijing has many old and famous shops that cover a wide range of industries. These old and famous shops have a long history. Some have a history of hundreds of years. To the buildings before the Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, there are about 160 recorded in detail.

A capital city of one thousand years and many crafts men make artwork in Beijing embodying the essence of Chinese ethnic workmanship. A large sum of works show a colorful Beijing with exquisite crafts such as senior crafts like cloisonné, jade articles, carved lacquer ware, inside-painted kettle known as “classic,” folk crafts like dough figurine, palace lantern, kite and paper-cutting of folk “old Beijing” flavor, vigorous brush calligraphy, traditional Chinese paintings with deep artistic flavor and wonderful carvings and seals.

Top Shopping Center, Wangfujin Shopping Center

  • Address: Start from the gallery in the north to Chang’an Street in the south
  • Traffic: Get off at the North Station of Wangfujin by No. 103, No. 104 and No. 420 bus or get off at the Wangfujin Station by Line 1 (Subway).
  • Recommended stores: Bejing Department Store, Xindongan Store and China Time-honored Brand store
  • Introduction: Wangfujin is a world-famous street with a century of history. From the communication of history and modern times, the merging of commerce and culture, passions of visiting old Beijing and time-honored brand among tourists it is reflected among the crowds of people.

Business District in Xidan

  • Address: From Gangwa City to Xidan street
  • Traffic: Get off at the Xidan Station by No. 22, No.37, No.47, No.105, No.109, No.826 bus or Line 1 of subway
  • Recommended stores: Zhongyou department store, Xidan department store, Juntai department store
  • Introduction: Here, the most vigorous business district is located, paradise of the youth with fashionable products and is worth a visit.

Qianmen Street

  • Address: From Zhengyang Gate to Tiantan Road
  • Traffic: Get off at the Qianmen Station by No.17, No.22, No.120 or Line2 of subway
  • Introduction: Golden characters and colorful paintings in the high Wu Pailou(五牌楼) are respectfully featured. On the road paved with blue and while stones, bell sound of old Beijing’s bike will echo in your ears. Images of candied haws and drum-shaped rattles have changed into street lamp with three meters height. After one year of protection, reparation, the symbolic street, namely, Qianmen Street appears in the bustling scenery.


  • Address: From Qianmen Street in the east to South Xinhua Street in the west, next to West Street of Zhushikou in the south and Qianmen West Street in the north
  • Traffic: Get off at the Dashilan Station by No.2, No.20, No.71, No.120, No.729
  • Recommended stores: Zhang Yiyuan, Tong Rentang and Rui Fuxiang
  • Introduction: The most ancient, famous and distinctive street and business downtown area in Beijing. Its total length is about 300 meters with narrow streets and shops along the street and trade names intersecting one another. It is very lively to see people coming and going everyday.

Dongdan Silver Street

  • Address: From Dongsi Pailou in the north to Dongdan Road in the south
  • Traffic: Get off at the North Station of Dongdan Road by No. 106, No.108, No.116, No.684 bus and Dongdan Station by Line1 and Line 5 of subway
  • Introduction: Many exclusive stores can be found here which is why it is given another name, “Noble Street.”KFC, Starbucks and RBT and other distinctive restaurants also make up Dongdan Silver Street.

Xiushui Street

  • Address: 8 East Xiushui Street, Chaoyang District
  • Traffic: Get off at Yonganli Road by No. 28, No.43, No.120, No.403 bus and Yonganli Station by Line 1 on the subway
  • Introduction: Xiushui Street was a distinctive street with about 300 meters and narrow alleys, running costume, accessories and silk fabrics which attracted many tourists. Today, the new Xiushui Street, constructing close to the original market, is divided into 8 floors with 3 underground and is the same as the original market in product, style and bargaining.

Zhongguancun Electronic Street

  • Address: Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District
  • Traffic: Get off at the Station of Zhongguancun by No. 302, No.307, No.332, No. 683 bus
  • Introduction: Zhongguancun Electronic Street is the most famous distribution center at home where Silicon Valley electronics city, Top electronics city, Hilon electronics city gathered. Here is the paradise of digital electronic products. Exclusive shops by various brands are located there. You can find CD’s on games, tools and music.

Beijing Antique City

  • Address: 21, South Sanhuan Road, Chaoyang District
  • Traffic: Get off at the South Station of Huawei Bridge by No. 28, No.53, No.300(outer), No.513, No.627 bus
  • Introduction: Beijing antique city is the biggest indoor antique shop and market in Asian and even in the world. There are not only different kinds of antiques handed from ancient times but new distinctive handworks made and marketed by myself. While wandering, you can happily inspect buy and enjoy.