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Andrea from America

China Culture Tours

Hi Grace,

The Longji Dragon Back Terraced Rice Fields was the most memorable attraction for us as it was not crowded and Mom and I enjoyed seeing part of China's culture - how they grow rice. We had a delicious lunch there too! (Sticky bamboo rice)

Grace, you were the most outstanding tour guide. We really did hit the jackpot with you! I felt like you were not just our tour guide, but also our friend. I liked how you felt comfortable enough with us to suggest some of your favorite dishes. They soon became our favorites as well!

China Culture Tours

For the hotels, some of the beds were a bit hard. Everything was clean and appropriate, otherwise. I enjoyed the most trying the different breakfast and dinner options offered at the various hotels.

For the suggestions, buy a hiking stick for Mount Huangshan. Learn some of the local culture. You'll appreciate what you are seeing more if you know some things about the people and their background. (I liked learning about the Yao people.)

China Culture Tours

The WOW experience in our tour is buying a pink pomelo from the side of the street and every food you suggested was delicious! (hao chi!), and tai chi in the park (thanks for taking photos, Grace!).

We will absolutely recommend you. It was very nice having a guided tour take care of all the details. It felt more like a worry-free vacation!

China Culture Tours

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