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Arshamah from Canada Tailor-made a China Tour

Arshamah from Canada Tailor-made a China Tour

Hello Grace,

Thanks for your email and especially the birthday wishes. I was greatly touched. My tour in China was WONDERFUL and had many great moments. I would love to share my pictures on your website and will send you some great ones tomorrow.

Please see below my replies to the questions you asked.

The Grand Mosque in Xi’an was the most memorable attraction. I didn't expect it to be that historic and when the people there found out that I was a Muslim, they treated me like a royal guest. It was very unexpected. Amongst the routine attractions, I would say the Terracotta warriors - they all had different faces and that's what I did not expect. I always thought they looked alike. Also the Leshan Giant Buddha - I am so glad I included that in my trip. I have great pictures there and everyone who sees them gets impressed at how big the statue is.

Arshamah from Canada Tailor-made a China Tour

My guide in Xian was OUTSTANDING. He was cooperative and super fun. He made me laugh a lot and wasn't just telling me history but told me interesting Chinese traditions and superstitions. He was also fluent in English and I had a great time with him in Xian. My guide in Chengdu was very sweet and cooperative and went out of her way to help on many occasions - I found a friend in her.

Xian was ALL WOW! The walk on City Wall, the Terracotta Warriors, the mosque, the pogoda and the GREAT GREAT FOOD. Xian was the best part of my trip.

Oh definitely! I will recommend your company. I already talked about you guys to everyone.



Arshamah from Canada Tailor-made a China Tour to Beijing, Chengdu and Xian.

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