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Brenda from America

Brenda Family from America


I put my answers in red as bleow.

The Terra Cotta Warriors museum is the most memorable attraction we visited. I have studied about them for years and to see them in person was just amazing. Our guide was very knowledgeable about them which made it so much more enjoyable. We also had the privilege of meeting the gentleman that found them. I bought his book and he signed it for me.

Brenda Family from America

I can't pick just one guide as the most outstanding tour guide. Holly in Beijing and our guide in Xi'an were all wonderful. They were very knowledgeable on the points of interest and were very flexible with us when we wanted to add additional items to see. They were both on time and stayed until we saw everything. No one ever rushed us to move on.

Brenda Family from America

All the Hotels and meals were top notch!!! It would be hard to choose but the vegetarian restaurant we went to on our last day was just so unique with a beautiful atmosphere. The food was so tasty and the presentation was beautiful. I will say that the hotel restaurants were not very good. But the places you took us were great!

For the Wow, the Great Wall was just beyond belief. You can not understand how big or high this is until you get there in person. Also, the Terra Cotta warriors were just amazing!!

I think the itinerary that you put together for us was just perfect. It had all of my requests but then your additions were fabulous.

Brenda Family from America

I'd like to speak with your potential customers. Please give them my number or email.

Of course!!! We will recommend your company. Thank you again!! It was a trip of a lifetime!

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Brenda Family from America

Brenda from America Tailor-made a China Tour to Beijing and Xian.

Brenda Family from America

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