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Tim Family from America

Tim Family from America

Hi Grace,

As far as the trip it was outstanding and the guides were as well.

We were a little worried about Dream as she was about 15 minutes late in picking us up in Beijing airport but she ended up being wonderful. The other 2 guides were very prompt and were present when we arrived. You should have seen Dream, though, at work getting us some last minute tickets to a show we saw in Beijing. She was amazing and successful. We really liked her. We also liked the other 2 gentlemen, both outstanding and very nice and personable. Alex was better but both were very excellent!

The only complaint I think we had was a little better instruction on how to bargain at our first stop in the City of God Temple. We paid full price for items when we found out later that you should never pay more than 50%. We felt a little foolish. But that is a minor thing.

On the flip side with Hank, we asked him to retrieve out luggage from our hotel and meet us at the pearl tower which he did. This work was a stress reliever as it was important for our son to have lunch there with his friends yet be cognizant of our flight departure time. Hank met that challenge with enthusiasm and success. We were very thankful for that!!!!

Overall the trip was very nice with the help of your guides.

Thank you very much!

Tim McBratney

Tim Family from America Tailor-made a China Tour to Beijing, Xian and Shanghai.

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