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Sun and Moon Pagodas

Sun and Moon Pagodas

The Sun and Moon Pagodas stand erect in the water of central Fir Lake (Shanhu). They are also known as Gold and Silver Pagodas because of their colors at night. The Sun Pagoda is the world’s highest bronze pagoda, the world’s highest bronze pagoda with an elevator, and the world’s highest pagoda above water. The Sun and Moon Pagodas are a tourist site combining culture, art, religion, and architecture, technology, and natural landscape.

At 41 meters high the Sun Pagoda has 9 stories. It is 2 stories taller than the Moon Pagoda. The Sun Pagoda is made of bronze, while the Moon Pagoda is made of colored glaze. They stand next to each other reflecting the beauty of each other. From the Moon Pagoda to the Sun Pagoda, there is a 10-meter glass tunnel that links the two under water. When walking through the tunnel, one can see the fish above the head and on both sides.

Tourists are strongly recommended to visit the Sun and Moon Pagodas at night when the lights are on. You can take a walk first along the Fir Lake before visiting. The golden and silver lights from the Sun and Moon Pagoda will shine on the lake and you. The colors from above the water and reflection of color under water may dazzle you. It is magical and refreshing.

When you go in and climb the two pagodas you will see various statues of Buddhist and other historical and cultural symbols. While standing on top of the Sun or the Moon Pagoda, you will see downtown Guilin at night. It is so peaceful and harmonious that you won’t want to leave.