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World Heritage Photography Journey in Shanxi

Yungang Grottoes stretches 1 kilometer from the east to the west. If you take pictures of the grottoes in the mountains you’ll find that they’re veiled in white smoke in the morning. When the beaming sunshine flows over them, the temples built with red tiles and white walls form an amazing picture against the sun. To capture this, a wide-angle lens is necessary and it is suggested to take it in panorama. Taking a picture of the flying goddesses requires having a good lens to ensure the quality of pictures. Though the accommodation in Qikou is far from desirable, it holds a fascination to a number of shutterbugs. Here, there is the Yangtze River, which is majestic and magnificent. At night fall, the twilight and the Yangtze River are combined, forming an extraordinary picture that never fails to attract visitors.

World Heritage Photography Journey in Shanxi

World Heritages Photography Trip: Datong, Mt. Wutai Mountain, Taiyuan, Qikou, Pingyao

Day 1: Datong - Arrive in Datong to a private transfer from the airport/train station to the hotel Explore China's World Heritage Site Yungang Grottoes, which is followed by lunch at a local fine restaurant. Later, we’ll continue to visit Huayan Temple and Datong Nine-Dragon Screen Wall.

Hotels recommended: Traditional Boutique - Yunzhong Yi Traditional Inn, Howard Johnson Jindi Plaza Datong, Holiday Inn Datong City Center or similar hotels.

World Heritage Photography Journey in Shanxi

Day 2: Datong/Wutai Moutain - Ride approximately1.5 hours to visit Hanging Monastery, which is listed as a World Heritage Site. It was built into a near vertical rock face and hangs about 50 meters above the ground. After, you’ll ride about 40 minutes to visit Yingxian Wooden Pagoda, the oldest and tallest wooden pagoda in China. Lastly, you’ll ride about 1.5 hours to Wutai Mountain (there will be about 1 hour twisting mountain road).

Hotels recommended: Wufeng Hotel or similar hotels.

World Heritage Photography Journey in Shanxi

Day 3: Wutai Mountain - If it is sunny, get up early and take a 20 minute hike up the Dailuoding. Make sure you take photos of the temples and continue toward Wutai Mountain Scenic Area for a visit (including Taiyuan Temple, Xiantong Temple and Pushading).

World Heritage Photography Journey in Shanxi

Day 4: Wutai Mountain/Taiyuan - You’ll ride about 3.5 hours from Wutai Mountain to Taiyuan, check in your hotel and briefly rest. Shortly after, you’ll have lunch at a local restaurant then continue to visit Jingci Temple. This temple is famous for its building complex and statue art.

Hotels recommended: Jinci Hotel, Chateau Star River or similar hotels.

World Heritage Photography Journey in Shanxi

Day 5: Taiyuan/Qikou - You’ll be driven for 3 hours to Qikou Ancient Town where you’re able to visit Black Dragon Temple, Village Lijiashan and the First Bank of Yellow River. Stay overnight at the local Loess Cave Guesthouse.

World Heritage Photography Journey in Shanxi

Day 6: Qikou/Pingyao Ancient Town - Later in the morning you’ll be driven about 4.5 hours from Qikou to Pingyao, and visit Qiao's Family Compound en route. The compound is regarded as a representative of North China folk houses in the Qing Dynasty. Stay overnight in Pingyao Ancient Town.

Hotels recommended: Jing’s Residence, Kylin Grand Hotel Pingyao, Hongshanyi Hotel, Pingyao Yunjincheng Hotel or similar hotels.

World Heritage Photography Journey in Shanxi

Day 7: Pingyao - Visit and take pictures of Pingyao Ancient Town with attractions like Mingqing Street, Pingyao County Government Office, Rishengchang Draft Bank and Shuanglin Temple. The best times to take pictures there are early in the morning and late at night.

World Heritage Photography Journey in Shanxi

Day 8: Pingyao - We’ll ride about 1.5 hours from Pingyao to Taiyuan airport or take a fast train from Pingyao to Xian.

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