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Hanging Temple Unavailable for Rockfall

Hanging Temple Unavailable for Rockfall

Due to the constant rainfall, Hanging Temple, a historic artifact under state protection, is not available for visitors who appreciate it from a distance.

It is reported that the continuing rainfall in recent days has contributed to rockfall on decorative animal sculptures in the drum tower of Hanging Temple on National Holiday (the first day of October) of China. For the visitors’ safety, officials of Mount Heng Scenic Spot Management Commission decide to close it temporarily. Tourists have to buy special tickets to look at the view from the small plaza but cannot go to the temple. The date of reopening will be announced at a later date.

Zhang Hunping, manager of Hanging Temple Scenic Spot puts that this scenic area will welcome the tourist off-season after the National Holiday and will take advantage of this time to conduct some repairs. Apart from renovating destroyed historical and cultural artifacts, Shiya Ravine above Hanging Temple will be consolidated to make the temple accessible to tourists soon.

Hanging Temple was erected in late North Wei Dynasty standing in the western side of the entrance of Mountain Heng Hunyuan county Shanxi Province. With about 50 meters high above the ground, it is considered the oldest wood-structure building in the world.