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Luxury & Imperial Taste of Peking

This 4-day tour will show you around Beijing in a very comfortable way. A deluxe Buick GL-8 Business car will drive you to the different highlights and provide you with a relaxing travel experience. You will visit the majestic Forbidden City, the world famous Great Wall, the royal garden Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven and the local people’s courtyard houses in the Hutong area. You will also try the famous Dadong Roast Duck, taste the imperial meal at Fangshan Restaurant and watch the Kungfu show from a VIP seat.

Luxury & Imperial Taste Tour of Peking

4-5 Days Luxury & Imperial Taste of Peking

Day 1: When your flight lands, have your carry-on baggage ready, walk through the air bridge and your reserved airport representative will greet you warmly, holding your name sign. On passing customs your guide will accompany you to claim the check-in baggage and introduce you to your tour guide and driver. Sit back and relax in the pre-warming/precooling Buick business car and in just about 40 minutes, you reach your hotel. Your personal guide will help you with the hotel check-in. Dinner at the hotel is a good option for the first night.

Hotels recommended: Beijing luxury hotels - Aman at Summer Palace, St. Regis, Fairmont, Peninsula, Hilton Beijing Wangfujing or similar; Boutique hotels – Hotel G Beijing, The Opposite House, Han’s Royal Garden, Cote Cour Boutique Hotel, Red wall Garden Courtyard Hotel or similar

Luxury & Imperial Taste Tour of Peking

Day 2: Today covers the highlights of the city. After a big breakfast, your personal guide and driver will drive you to the Temple of Heaven (sightseeing an hour – 2 hours), the largest, most religious temple for the emperors to pay homage to Heaven and to pray for a good harvest. Lunch is arranged in a fine courtyard restaurant, Chinese dishes are served. The afternoon starts from the largest central square, Tian’anmen Square, walk up to the Tian’anmen Tower to see busy tourists and guards, imagine the way Chairman Mao spoke on Oct. 1, 1949.

Walk through the Square to visit the Forbidden City, get to know more about the emperors and the Dragon Lady’s lives in the palaces. With the excellent pictures collected on an iPad, the 3-hour visit in the Forbidden City will ensure you get the best knowledge possible. After the visit, walk to Alley Coffee in a minute; take a cup of coffee and fresh up for a light climb up Jingshan Park nearby. It is really rewarding to take pictures of sunset over the whole Forbidden City from one of its pavilions. A delicious dinner at Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant draws an end for the day.

  • A: A lot of walking is involved today because the selected sites are huge and no vehicles are allowed. Expect rough blue bricked pavements inside The Forbidden City. Comfortable shoes are recommended.
  1. B: Use the hotel bathroom before the day tour starts, try to avoid public toilets. Our selected restaurants are equipped with clean flushed or squat toilets.
Luxury & Imperial Taste Tour of Peking

Day 3: Get up early for a tasty breakfast, drive to the remote section of the Great Wall from Beijing in 2.5 hours - Jinshanling Great Wall. It is selected to ensure the fewest tourists and the best views. The Great Wall stretches as far as the eye can see in both directions, with few people in sight, you can yell out your excitement and hear the echoes from afar. How about a glass of champagne to celebrate the moment in one of the grand towers? Snacks are prepared as appetizers, after a hike of 3-4 hours on the Great Wall, you must have a great appetite for local dishes. On the way back to your hotel, you can either take a nap or learn more about the Great Wall construction in ancient times. A hot bath will be refreshing for an imperial dinner at Fangshan Restaurant and the Kungfu Show later on, VIP seats provide close appreciation of the actors' every movement.

  1. * Wear comfortable sneakers for the Great Wall hike. Bottled water and plenty of sunscreen is needed.
Luxury & Imperial Taste Tour of Peking

Day 4: Summer Palace is well known as a summer retreat for emperors. Qianlong the emperor of Qing dynasty, ordered it built from the blueprint of the West Lake in Hangzhou. The willows, the bridges, the lazy and relaxing pace make it an enjoyable 3-hour stroll. A court cuisine lunch is arranged at Bai Family Restaurant; eat like an emperor/empress! From there your personal guide and driver will escort you to the airport safely for your international flight.

  1. * Pack up all your belongings and check out the hotel, you will head for the airport after the sightseeing.
Luxury & Imperial Taste Tour of Peking

Note: The Luxury & Imperial Taste of Peking tour itinerary mentioned above is only a sample; we can customize this tour to meet your requests.

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